Zeus' bones and flesh

Zeus is made out of bare bones ordered from Next International
and A2Z computers. These companies were selected using

Zeus has 56 processors. The following two groups:

A. 8   433 MHz Celeron Processors on 8 ABIT BP6 motherboards.
They make 8 nodes each of which has 128 MB of ROM,
a 4.3 GB Hard-Drive, a Floppy Drive , a CD Reader
and a 3Com 905B ethernet card.

B.   48   500 MHz Celeron processors on 24 ABIT BP6 motherboards.
They make 24 nodes. Each node has 128 MB of ROM,
a 10 GB Hard Drive, a Floppy Drive and a 3Com 905B ethernet card.

Group  A was purchased first and Zeus was built out of these
for us to get the  experience and to find out what we could do.
This experience helped us find out  what we needed.

In addition Zeus  has the following  parts:

C.  Three 16-port 100 MBit/sec Fast Ethernet Switches.

D.  Two high resolution 1800x1400,  size  21"  color monitors

E.  A Smart-2200 Un-interruptable Power Supply.

D.  A server which is a 400 MHz Celeron with 64 MB of ROM with a
4.3 GB and a 32 GB Hard drive, a floppy drive, a CD reader and a
3Com 905B ethernet card.

We chose the celeron processor because in all of our applications
we found it as fast as the same clock speed Pentium but much cheaper.