Currently under supervision

Satyaki Kar, Thesis project: "Holes in quantum antiferromagnets".

Keola Wierschem, Thesis project: "Path Integral Monte Carlo simulation of 2D superfluids".

Graduated Ph.D. Students

1.  Massimo Boninsegni:  Ph.D, 1992.
Thesis Title: Variational and Green's function Monte Carlo Studyof Lightly Doped Quantum Antiferromagnets.
Employment after Ph. D:  Research Associate, University of Illinois.
Current Position: Professor, Department of Physics, University of Alberta.

2. Zhiping Liu: Ph. D, 1993.
Thesis Title: Antiferromagnetism and Hole Dynamics  in the Copper Oxides.
Employment after Graduation: Research Associate,  Cornell University.
Current Position:  Financial Analyst, Bear Stearns, Inc.  e-mail:  

3.  Norbert Schultka: Ph. D, 1995.
Thesis Title:  Finite Size Scaling in Superfluids.
Employment after Graduation: Research Associate, University of Aachen.
Current Position: Compaq, West Germany.
e-mail: Norbert.Schultka@COMPAQ.COM

4.   Marlon Pierce: Ph. D, 1998.
Thesis topic:   Path Integral Monte Carlo Study of Helium on Graphite.
Current Position: Assistant in Research and Information, Indiana University

5.  Kwangsik Nho, Ph. D, 2001.
Thesis topic:  Path Integral Monte Carlo Study of Hydrogen on Graphite.
Current Position: Research Associate, Center for Simulational Physics, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia  

6. Quoc M. Doan , Ph.D., 2008.
Thesis topic: "Variational studies of quantum liquid crystal phases of the 2D electron gas"
Current Position: Quantitative Analyst, Bank of America